I used to be a gym-agnostic, not sure if I believed in the value of training. But I was also a thirteen stone couch potato who couldn't run for a train without having dialled two nines on my mobile phone first, and having my finger hovering ready to dial a third. I was also 62 years old.

Ten months later I am a regular and enthusiastic member of Fearn Fitness Personal Training. I am not especially at home in gyms, remain self-conscious, would not want to surround myself with Lycra-clad lovelies, and am still not naturally attuned to this kind of thing. There are days when I don't want to be bothered with the gym, and I don't want to set myself targets like running a marathon or lifting a tree trunk. But, almost without realising it, the results have been very pleasing.

Without monumental effort, or making myself feel unwell in the process, I have lost more than seven kilos of fat and put on a little over three kilos of muscle. I am six centimetres slimmer and a couple of centimetres taller. My posture is immeasurably better, and my breathing is more controlled.

I now feel able to leap tall buildings, wrestle a bear, stand my ground against night club bouncers, and drag an aircraft with my teeth. I expect to be in the next England football squad, to swim the Channel, and to audition for the next Superman movie. My personal fitness videos are in the charts, and my weight-loss curries are the stuff of legend.

All this is down to my personal trainer, Debbie Wall, who skilfully keeps plugging away to ensure, bit by bit, I sort out my health and fitness.  I wholeheartedly recommend her and her fitness programmes.  If she can fine tune this former couch potato, she can do it for anyone.

Derek Brandon (13th September 2013)

Four months ago (October 2012) I was crawling around in pain… Back Pain and had been for a few years!

Visiting my chiropractor every 4 or 6 weeks just to get some relief from my back. 

I was limited as to what I could do and what I would do, as anything from the ‘norm’ was so uncomfortable so exercise was defiantly out!

Or so I though … My Chiropractor recommended Fern Fitness which I have to say terrified the living day lights out of me; (I can’t do any exercise that is going to render me hopeless L)

It took me a few weeks just to pick up the phone and talk to Debbie, still not fully convinced I ‘shuffled’ off for my first meeting:

I was presented with a full MOT all very easy (weight, height, BMI, measurements taken, lung capacity , flexibility and a good in-depth conversation about my back) Debbie also called my Chiropractor to discuss me prior to commencing working with me.

About Debbie (The best personal trainer you could ever meet, Debbie will not judge you this is really important and you will be and individual with individual needs when you work with Debbie, you will achieve your goals without even realising it sometimes, Debbie will encourage you all the way J)

Debbie will need to understand your issues to be able to help you, so you have to be truthful and honest and that can be a difficult step but an important one.

Past-tense:  by back is bad and will never really get better, I eat too much so carry some weight and I have a real phobia about gym places, the word gym congers up pictures of pink tights and  spandex leotards and skinny skinny bodies….

Present day:I am now in training for the RACE FOR LIFE …I intend to run the whole way having run my first mile Jan 13 !!!   I am loosing inches and burning body fat  and my back is so much better, I have now built enough muscle in my back and strengthened my core muscles so I no longer experience the sever back pain I had and my visits to my chiropractor are now far less.

You need to be kind to yourself and give this a try if you feel ‘broken’ it might just be the help and support you need to feeling much better and as Debbie says’ an hour with her and the rest of the day is a walk in the park’!!

And not a spandex leotard in sight!!!!!

Amanda Aston

I just wanted to let you know that I am very grateful for your constant hard work to help me to achieve my goals. I am now very close to reaching my target weight and am over the moon with the progress I have made, I could not have come this far without you and am happier than I have been in a long time. I look forward to achieving my target weight in a few weeks then working with you to maintain it and look to the next goal. I am genuinely impressed by your level of professionalism, knowledge and commitment, you are a real motivator and an inspiration to work with.

Sam - Gloucester

It should be on prescription… really!!

I had gained 4 stone over the last 7 years, the doctors were threatening me with high blood pressure medication and I couldn’t seem to do anything about it. I tried exercising, dance classes, watching what I ate, trying soya in every format, those drinks for reducing cholesterol but none of it seemed to have an effect. Then February last year I ducked out of a girl’s dinner dance night because I had nothing that fitted to wear and was pretty miserable (for those who know me, that isn’t me!)

My friend Jane asked me if I would join her in personal training sessions to help reduce the cost of sole training and WHAM it started! Doing the one session a week plus my own sessions at home the results have been fantastic. My blood pressure has gone from very high to normal just after the first 6 week session. My weight has decreased by 2 stone and my fitness has increased, and I am back to the optimistic and happy person that I was. It has been worth every penny!  The exercise and dietary advice and motivation from Debbie has been excellent and her enthusiasm rubs off.

I would definitely recommend her sessions!

Carol - Longlevens

Having struggled through a couple of very stressful past two years d...ue to work and health issues within my family, I felt it was time to take control of my own well being - joining Fearn Fitness was the best thing I could have done, thanks to Debbie's enthusiastic encouragement and tailored training I now feel both mentally and physically fitter than I ever have!! Loving it and loving life - thank you

Clare, Tirley

Great place to work out! Debbie is always full of excitement and encouragement what ever time of the day, she is the bes...t trainer I have met I enjoy the work out as it is never the same. Each session is different so I never get bored

Mandy - Gloucester

Thank you for your advice on sugar. I was very surprised that I eat too much sugar as I thought I was quite good! The info you gave me was very interesting and I must say I have been looking at the food labels much more closely. So many things that I thought were healthy so obviously aren't. Thank you for all your help. Since joining you I have been able to cut down my medication by half and am on the path of reducing them even further. I have more energy and am much happier with my life. I am so glad I found Fearn Fitness.

Louise, Gloucester

'I just got back from physio and she was well impressed with my stomach muscles, I said that was down to you so she said to say well done you you’re doing a grand job deb' xxx

Susie, Innsworth

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